6 Best Dragon Ball's Legacy Anime


Dragon Ball Z: Iconic Battles and Transformation – Dragon Ball Z, the cornerstone of the franchise, introduced us to epic battles, iconic transformations like Super Saiyan, and the enduring legacy of Goku.

Dragon Ball Super: Expanding the Universe – Dragon Ball Super brought fresh energy, introducing new characters, expanding the universe, and delivering jaw-dropping moments, further solidifying the franchise's impact.

Dragon Ball GT: A Unique Journey – Though divisive, Dragon Ball GT offered a unique journey, exploring the consequences of overusing Dragon Balls and taking Goku on an adventure beyond the typical Saiyan battles.

Dragon Ball Movies: Cinematic Spectacle – The Dragon Ball movies, such as "Resurrection 'F'" and "Broly," showcased the franchise's ability to deliver cinematic spectacles, bringing the excitement of the series to the big screen.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Fan-Driven Fun – Dragon Ball Heroes, a promotional anime, embraced fan-driven narratives, featuring dream matchups and scenarios, making it a delightful addition for enthusiasts seeking non-canonical excitement.

Dragon Ball Kai: Remastering the Classic – Dragon Ball Kai, a remastered version of Dragon Ball Z, streamlined the series, offering a visually enhanced and condensed experience, making it an ideal choice for both newcomers and nostalgic fans.