A Day of 5-Minute Keto Meals Challenge


1. Quick Keto Breakfast Delight: Start your day with a scrambled egg cooked in butter. 2. Speedy Salad Fix: Toss together spinach, avocado, and feta for a satisfying lunch.

1. Snack Attack in Minutes: Grab a handful of nuts for a quick keto snack. 2. Effortless Egg Wrap: Whip up a speedy keto-friendly wrap with lettuce.

1. Rapid Veggie Stir-Fry: Sauté broccoli and bell peppers in olive oil. 2. Microwave Keto Mug Cake: Enjoy a sweet treat with minimal effort.

1. No-Fuss Cheese Platter: Combine your favorite cheeses for a swift snack. 2. Instant Avocado Mash: Mash avocado with salt for a speedy side.

1. Savory Sardine Salad: Mix canned sardines with mayo for lunch. 2. Speedy Salmon Patties: Form canned salmon into quick keto-friendly patties.