Best Suits Episodes Ranked | 'Suits' Tv Show 


Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1): Introduces Harvey and Mike, setting the tone for the series with sharp dialogue and a compelling dynamic.

Break Point (Season 1, Episode 7): Unveils personal conflicts within the firm, adding depth to character relationships.

War (Season 1, Episode 10): A gripping season finale with legal battles and personal revelations, showcasing the series' intensity.

She Knows (Season 2, Episode 1): Deals with the aftermath of Mike's secret getting exposed, leading to high-stakes consequences.

Zane vs. Zane (Season 2, Episode 16): A powerful courtroom drama that tests loyalties and brings long-standing issues to the forefront.

The Other Time (Season 3, Episode 6): Flashbacks explore Harvey and Donna's history, adding layers to their complex relationship.