Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout: Undertaker's love for the classic Harley-Davidson | WWE 2023


Powerful Performance: The Softail Breakout roars with a robust Milwaukee-Eight engine, delivering unmatched power and a thrilling ride for the Undertaker.

Iconic Design: Undertaker's love for classic Harley-Davidsons is embodied in the Softail Breakout's timeless design, blending heritage with modern aesthetics.

Customization Delight: WWE 2023 sees the Undertaker cruising in style, thanks to the Softail Breakout's extensive customization options, allowing him to personalize his ride.

Thunderous Exhaust Notes: The Undertaker's entrance is now accompanied by the deep, resonant tones of the Softail Breakout's signature exhaust, leaving a lasting impression.

Smooth Handling: Whether in the ring or on the road, the Softail Breakout offers a smooth and controlled ride, ensuring the Undertaker dominates both realms effortlessly.

Heritage Connection: The Softail Breakout pays homage to Harley-Davidson's rich heritage, aligning perfectly with the Undertaker's appreciation for timeless craftsmanship and tradition.