MCU Theory: Loki Is Secretly Doom's Replacement For Avengers 6's Secret Wars


Loki's Ascension: Loki, having showcased his complex character arc, could evolve into a formidable leader, mirroring Doom's intelligence and strategic prowess.

Multiverse Manipulation: Loki's proficiency in traversing the multiverse aligns with the Secret Wars narrative, where various realities collide, setting the stage for Avengers 6.

God of Mischief's Redemption: Loki's redemption arc positions him as a reluctant hero, paralleling Doom's complex morality, making him an ideal successor for the Secret Wars saga.

Loki's Growing Influence: Loki's burgeoning influence in the MCU establishes him as a power player, potentially stepping into Doom's shoes and driving the narrative of Avengers 6.

Master of Illusions and Strategy: Loki's expertise in illusions and strategic thinking makes him a fitting replacement for Doom, aligning with the intricate plot dynamics of the Secret Wars storyline.