Where The Long Pond Studio In Taylor Swift's Folklore Doc Is Located


Nestled in Upstate New York: Long Pond Studio, featured in Taylor Swift's Folklore documentary, is situated in the serene beauty of Upstate New York, providing an idyllic and private setting for creative inspiration.

Scenic Waterfront Views: The studio's location boasts breathtaking waterfront views, adding a touch of tranquility to the artistic process as Swift and her collaborators delve into the creative depths of Folklore.

Historical Significance: Originally built as a 1929 hunting lodge, the studio's rich history adds an extra layer of charm to the creative space, offering a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern recording capabilities.

Secluded Retreat: Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, Long Pond Studio provides Swift and her collaborators with a secluded retreat, fostering an environment conducive to the organic and introspective themes explored in Folklore.

A Haven for Creativity: Surrounded by acres of lush greenery, the studio becomes a haven for creativity, where the sounds of nature seamlessly intertwine with the melodies and lyrics crafted within its walls.

Connection to Nature: The studio's location allows for an immersive connection to nature, influencing the album's ethereal and earthy vibes, as Swift draws inspiration from the changing seasons and natural beauty that envelops Long Pond.

Proximity to Woodstock: With its close proximity to the iconic Woodstock, Long Pond Studio taps into the rich musical history of the region, infusing Folklore with a touch of the legendary spirit that echoes through the hills of Upstate New York.